Full House

In the past three years of enjoying home ownership I have learned one thing for sure -

I LOVE a full house. 

I love kids playing with squirt guns and bubbles in the tiny back yard, people chatting on our porch steps under my out-of-season-yet-somehow-Parisian-Christmas lights.  I love preparing food with plenty of room in the kitchen for other people to join me.  I love conversations in the living room with people spilling into the dining/music/sitting room.   I even love waiting to use our only bathroom. 

And despite having only one bathroom, I truly believe our house is meant to be filled.  On Saturday night we had our families and the Blanks over for a picnic (about 15 people total).  After the party, 4 out of 5 bedrooms were filled with people sleeping (even the nursery got broken in!!).  It was great.  It makes my heart happy to have a warm body in every room of the house.

Maybe someday every room will be filled with a more permanent occupant than the occasional overnight guest.

Finally, how can I have a post with this title without including this video:


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