Finish Well

Today I was listening to a sermon about prayer.  Jesus, facing death, prayed for God to save him from going to the cross.  When that prayer was not answered with a yes, Jesus still acknowledged that God's way was best, and finished what was before him, and finished it well.

Finish well.  Complete it well.  Even those tasks that are beyond me.  Do them well.  God won't necessarily pull me out of the situation, but he will give me strength to finish well.

For example, I feel called to be a stay at home mom, and it's what I want to be doing right now more than anything, but for now, I am called to be a teacher.  I have a job to do, money to earn/save, students to teach, and I need to do that well.

The loss of never being pregnant still stings, but for now, my sister in law is pregnant.  I want to be there for her to the best of my ability, and so I will go into the maternity store and support her (and actually have fun), and do it well.

I've often wondered why I bother to pray for things specifically when God already knows the answers and outcomes, but today I was encouraged that prayer spurs on hope.  And that is something of which you can never have enough!


  1. O Michelle....

    I SO needed this today. Really.

    Finish well.
    And isn't that all He asks of us? To run, looking forward, to finish strong, to finish well in all areas of our lives. Faithfulness in the daily in and daily out.

    Thank you.
    This kicked me in the butt in the best possible way.


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