High Chair

Sunday night, Big Lots was having a sale, so I stopped in for a few things (including canvases for this project), and walked out with a big ole honkin' high chair.  It is so super cute, I could not pass it up.  Not to mention the lime and aqua plates are reminiscent of my beloved fiestaware.

Picture of Recalled 3-in-1 High Chair

Furthermore, the chair is super slim for storage, and converts into 2 kinds of toddler booster seats for traveling and growing with the child.

The problem?  It has totally be recalled.  The 60% off price tag should have been my clue!  However, this website says that if I call Fisher Price, I can get a free kit to fix the issue.  If you ask me, the reason for the recall seems a lot like human error, but I guess you can never be too safe.

So, should I return the chair to Big Lots (I have 28 more days to do that), or get the repair kit and keep this gorgeous thing?

Herb offered to put it together last night (I think he's getting tired of the large box in the living room).  I told him I didn't really want to see it in the kitchen because it will make me sad.  To the nursery it goes, but hopefully not for long.


  1. I say keep it and do the kit fix. I hope it won't be in the nursery for too long, too! :)

  2. might as well try the fix unless it's something real tricky or too dangerous

  3. I say get the fix kit. Maybe I'm a bad mom-to-be, but most of the recalls I've seen seem to be related to human error. Good deal getting it at 60% off! Hoping it comes out of the nursery really, REALLY soon!

  4. I'm with the others. Keep it and get the fix kit. It is so stinkin' cute! Love it! It would match my house perfectly! LoL On that note, hmmm...maybe you should just sell it to me! ;) Haha! Kidding!


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