Just Adopt

No, this is not a post about adoption advocacy.  This is also not meant to encourage people to choose adoption.  The purpose of this post is to encourage every single person to take the following phrase out of their vocabulary,

"Just Adopt."

As in, "If we can't get pregnant, we'll just adopt."  
Also known as, "You could always just adopt if you needed to."
Or, "We want a big family, so after we have a few biological children, we'll probably just adopt."

*As if going through an adoption is like finding an answer to trivia on the interent, "I'm not sure the value of the Yen.  I will just google it."
*As if bringing home a baby is as simple as answering your questions about today's weather, "Shirt or sweater?  No problem, I'll just check the weather channel."
As if adoption is like taking care of a tootheache, "I think I have a cavity, so I'll just go to the dentist."
*As if choosing an adoption plan were as simple as running out of milk, "I'll just stop by Giant."

Not to mention the negative connotation and devaluing of anything that follows the word "just." (adverb - as in only or merely.)

So, please, do yourself a favor (and me as well), and stop using "just" and "adopt" in the same sentence.

{And while you're at it, you may also apply these rules to online dating, as so delicately pointed out by a single friend.  "If I can't meet anyone, I can always just try e-harmony."  I think that process is probably just as frustrating.}


  1. Amen! And love the last comment about online dating.

  2. Hooray for semi-humorous posts that semi-mock our current situations! At least we still have our humor. If I didn't have my humor I might have to start drinking. Oh wait, I did that too. ha!

  3. i really like the way you phrased all of that. i am friends with a couple who are trying to conceive through fertility treatments as well as looking to be foster parents/adopt and i will have to keep in mind how the term "just adopt" could be hurtful or at least minimize the situation. thank you for the perspective!

    (katie bupp)

  4. ooo SO TRUE! I hadn't thought about it like this before....

    I've probably said this myself SO many times and it isn't "just adoption" to me. Wow. Wow...

    hmmm... need to go think and reflect now.

    praying for you and Herb and the baby. Wherever he or she is...

  5. Well said!
    Also- love the "the more you know" you added to the bottom- :)


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