Baby Smell Conspiracy

For the record, I believe there is a baby smell conspiracy.  It's not that babies actually smell good.  I believe it's the laundry detergent, Dreft, in which you must wash their clothing (and everything else I can fit in the washing machine). 

I know this because there is no baby in our home, but ever since I bought Dreft and started using it, I can smell baby whenever I walk by the nursery.

Every day the reality of this situation sets in just a little more. J and I get more acquainted through email, and my nerves settle. Yesterday we met for lunch, and then got to hear the baby's heartbeat.  Baby boy seems to be doing well, and is weighing in around 6lbs, with 2 more weeks to bake. J is all baby bump and looks great.

In the meantime I am desperately trying to "get all the sleep I can," but, well, this is the problem:


  1. I agree about the baby smell! lol Just wait until after you give the little guy a favorite thing to do, is to sit and sniff Anthony's head!! I realize that I look crazy...but it's such a comforting smell!! :) So excited for you guys! :)

  2. We never used Dreft because I use fragrance-free, dye-free detergent for our clothes anyway. But I think Pampers is in on the conspiracy. Just opening a pack of Swaddlers sends my brain into baby smell mode! Carter's room smelled like baby powder (aka Swaddlers) for months before he was born.

    Glad to hear all is going well with "J"!

  3. Ahhhh! So excited for you!! I can't say it enough! Have you picked out names? (A simple yes or no is good... I get asked this question all the time and if I say "yes," the person assumes I'm going to divulge the info-- and when I don't, they get mad. Gotta have some surprises in life!)

  4. Michelle!!

    I JUST saw that your baby will soon be here!!! I am SO happy for you and Herb and am rejoicing with you. GOD IS SO GOOD AND SO FAITHFUL!!



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