Funny Parent Story, Episode 1

I was feeding the baby in our bed, but having trouble staying awake.  I handed Levi over to Herb, who then laid the baby in between us on the bed.  Just as Herb put Levi down, he started saying in a panicked voice, "Where is he?  I just laid him here!!  I can't find him!!  Where's the baby?!" And he threw pillows and blankets all over the bed.

Completely alarmed and fully awake, I sat up straight and said, "I just handed him to you.  What did you do?"

I jumped up, grabbed my robe, and high-tailed it to the nursery.

Peacefully, Levi laid on his back with his hand thrown in the hair and his knees hugged to his chest.  He had been asleep, in his crib the whole time.

This my friends, is what happens to me and Herb.  We are so connected that we even have nightmares in sync.  Herb said when I was halfway down the hallway, he realized we had both been dreaming.

This happened two nights ago, and we're still laughing!  And to make it even funnier, the last night, Herb had the same nightmare/sleep talking 3 more times, complete with tossing pillows off the bed.  I think he's taking this "dad thing" pretty seriously.


  1. LOL! Ryan does the SAME thing... note I said "does"- it still happens and Gabriel is 10 months old! Just last night, he was half-yelling at me in the middle of the night, telling me to move because I was almost laying on Gabriel. I've learned to hold on tightly to the comforter because blankets are thrown when these episodes occur!!

    Keep the stories comin' :)

  2. HAHAH!! This happened to us SOO many times.

  3. When Donovan was very small, he slept in a co-sleeper next to our bed, and when he would wake up fussing, I would freak out because I thought he was in the bed and I couldn't find him. I would throw pillows around, tear the blankets off the bed in a complete panic because I couldn't find him, and he was going to smother... and it never even occurred to me he was safe in his co-sleeper beside me.

    Ah, sleep deprivation! You make us do such funny things!

  4. Too funny! I love your honesty about parenting. Matt sleeps the same way Levi does. :)

  5. ;)

    it was similar for us when parenting a baby was new... oh man, I'd lose it w/ sleep deprivation and the night wake-up routine coming so often- I'd forget if Rob was up with him or in bed with me-- I'd think I was supposed to feed M when I'd just done it etc--- wild!!!

    and yes- I recall freakouts like yours ;0) : nerve-wracking!!!

  6. THAT's hilarious! I totally love it! :-)


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