Celebrations Galore!

It's been a crazy ride here in the Suereth household.  We have had three busy weekends, and now that I'm back to teaching 2 evenings of piano lessons, some hectic evenings, too.  Let's backtrack...

Herb & the marching band he works for celebrated the end of a successful season, and Levi and I watched at Hershey Park.

The following Monday, one of my elementary schools threw me a baby shower.  I loved getting to take Levi to school and show him to a few students.  It was weird that I didn't have a "last day" of school, just *poof* and I'm gone!  Connecting with my co-workers, and getting Levi further spoiled was fun!  And the other school I work out threw us a shower a few weeks ago, too.  How wonderful to work with people who are so supportive.

Last week, as I mentioned, we traveled to Pittsburgh for Herb's mom's wedding.  Levi slept the entire trip to and from Pittsburgh, not even waking up to eat.  Sleeping in the pack-n-play was also a success.  He's a great traveler.  When I looked at the pictures of the wedding, I was really struck at how much Herb, Levi and I look like a family!  I know that sounds weird, but it was just one of those reality check moments.

Of course, Thursday was Thanksgiving, and you already know what we were so thankful for!  Levi got to meet lots of 2nd cousins, a few great aunts and uncles, and then spent some quality time with grandma Phyllis while we prepared for some ridiculous black Friday shopping.  We're talking 12am-7am, here folks.  Unfortunately, just as we were getting home, Levi was waking up, which led to some great regret on our choice to stay up all night.

Friday, we took Levi, decked out in a bear suit, to pick out his first Christmas tree.  No pictures of that because we forgot our camera, but here's the bear suit.  We sprung for a real tree - and by real, I mean real big.  We had to go all out - it's Levi's first time!

Today, my wonderful sister-in-law and soon to be mommy, Jocelyn, planned and put together a beautiful shower for us, hosted by the newlywed, Denise.  The theme was "Thankful for Levi," and the food was delicious.  We were "showered" with love for sure!


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