You're the Peace That I've Prayed For Aren't You, Green Eyes?

In case you don't know the song title from the title of this blog post, it's the song that made Herb realize he was actually in love with me when we broke up in college once.

Anyway, it's also my segway to tell you - we have spotted an eye color change!!  Levi had really dark blue-ish gray eyes, but tonight we noticed they were more of a greenish brown.  Did this just happen over night?  Of course, the first thing I said is, "I have to scrapbook this!"  And since I'm not even close to starting Levi's baby book, the blog is the best way to document this turn of eye-vents. 



You might not be able to notice it well in  these pictures, but in the right lighting, they have really really changed!  I promise!

My baby is growing up...


  1. turn of EYEvents... priceless Michelle :) Let's scrap together soon! Meaning, I hold baby, you start baby scrapbook! ;)

  2. priceless thanks for sharing. miss him...

  3. This is interesting news as I am waiting to find out what will happen to Leah's eyes. I'm always taking photos of them to document any changes. I expected brown due to family background, (blue on one side of the family, and totally brown on the other and a brown-eyed full sibling) but at 3 months she is surprising us with dark blue eyes with a brownish tinge in the middle. Now I'm thinking she may end up with blue or hazel.


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