I Thought It Was Magic

I used to think it was a really really big deal if you could put a baby to sleep.   It was a magical thing.  Now somehow 22 bedtimes, not to mention 44 nap times have passed, and amazingly, my baby goes to sleep.  I have learned that it's not necessarily a special power to get a baby to sleep, it's just patience!

In all fairness, I should mention that Levi is an amazing sleeper.  I can't always get him to nap in his pack-n-play, but if I put  him in his crib and walk away, he's usually out in a few minutes (if it's already nap time).  He's been sleeping in about 6-9 hour chunks at night, and after he eats, goes back to sleep, sometimes totaling a 12 hour night.  This mama is not sleep deprived!

The majority of daytime napping is on my shoulder.  I was slightly concerned about this - Do I have a clingy baby?  What does that mean in the long run?  But Herb reminded me that Levi is 2 months old, he NEEDS to be held! {Duh, Michelle}  This is our bonding time.

I cherish every minute!!


  1. This photo with Levi on you makes my heart ache.
    So.... just, so so lovely.

    You're radiant. I love how the Lord is shaping you and crafting you to be Levi's mother.
    THank you for allowing me, us, to share this journey

  2. You can never hold and cuddle and love a baby too much! The worst that can happen is NOT ending up with a spoiled child - who gets "spoiled" by being loved, anyway? - but a child who grows up knowing with every part of his being that he is cherished. And that's not a bad thing at all!


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