And Now About That Door

Sorry, no cute baby pictures in this post.

Two Sundays ago I left you hanging when I mentioned that Jocelyn was in labor and Herb and I were going to see if there was a door opening in another area of our lives.

I'm happy to report the door is open, and we are walking through it.

Come on, get to it already, right?

Herb has been offered, and plans to accept, the position of Minister of Music at a church in Lancaster County, which happens to be in the very same town in which his full time job is located, which happens to be only 30 minutes from Levi's Gramma and Daudy, Pop-pop and Grandma, Aunt Jocelyn, Uncle Josh, and brand new cousin (as opposed to 1 hour and 30 minutes where we are now).

It's a part time job, with time requirements that are equal to (or maybe even less than) the volunteer time he is putting in at our current church in York, so it will have no imact on his day job.  It's a wonderful small-ish church that thrives on community, teaching solid truth, and love.

Of course this will be a bittersweet change of pace.  The sweet part is that Herb has desired and prayed to be a music pastor/worship leader for about 6 years, and this is just one more desire fulfilled in God's timing.  The location is incredible, considering we were talking about moving to Manheim to be closer to Herb's other job just DAYS before this job was listed. 

The bitter part is leaving the life we have established in York, especially the friendships we have at our current church - the church who "prayed us into parenthood," the church where we got married, the church where Herb grew up.  But, we were there for a season, we had a purpose there for the last few years, but now it's time to move on.

Again, let's recap:
- Become parents to the cutest boy ever
- Decide if I want to be a SAHM, there's no reason for Herb to be commuting an hour to work & since Herb's mom got married and moved to Pittsburgh, I really wanted to be closer to Levi's other grandparents
- Find out from our realtor that the market would probably be very kind to our house, we made plans to list in January
- See a job listing for a part time church position in the same town where Herb already works
- After interviewing at several churches over the last five years, this "happens" to be the right one?!

And in case you're wondering - this opportunity for Herb equals a little career change for me, too!  I have extended my maternity leave through the end of the school year, rather than to January 18.  There are some logistical things that we're still working on, but God knows our desires - I'm pretty sure he put them there...

Stay tuned!


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