Twelve Twelve Ten

As promised, here is the completion of my last post.

Please welcome to the world: Joelle Grace, born December 12, 2010.  Her mommy and I became moms exactly 2 months apart.  I told you 12 was an awesome number. She is just plain beautiful! Now Levi has two cousins on daddy's side (Ellie and Cora) and one on mommy's side (Joelle). 

Levi wasn't sure what to think about his new cousin,

but I think he's going to love having another little person around.

Except for the fact that it means now we'll be dressing them up in matching outfits.  Sucks for them!

And poor Levi, I may or may not have modeled some super cute girly outfits on him to see how big they were.

Okay, so the before picture...

And AFTER! Amazing the difference that four months makes...

I can't even tell you all the joy that this picture represents.  There are so many dreams that Jocelyn and I have shared, and so many wishes that have already been fulfilled (high school drama, district band, drum majors, getting accepted and succeeding in music ed, actually becoming music teachers, finding God-fearing yet hilarious husbands, becoming real sisters), but this is just the best one.  I can't think of anything either of us wanted more, prayed for each other more, shed more tears of joy and sorrow over than the journey to motherhood. 

I know God wrote my love story with Herb, but I can also see him all over my "sister" story with Jocelyn. 

I can't wait to share these tales with Joelle, and I pray that she finds a friend some day like her mom has been to me.

Welcome to the world, little Joelle {Jocelyn + Michelle = Joelle?}, we're so happy to have you here!


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