Filled with Wonder

Whenever my little buddy wakes up from a nap (usually) he is smiling. 

As I lift him out of his crib his eyes catch the three Chinese lanterns hanging from the ceiling.  He can't stop staring!  It is so fascinating.

We walk over to the wall where his shelves are and I turn of his electric heater.  While we're standing there, he looks in complete amazement and wonder at the toys on the shelves - nothing special, just a few piggy banks, books and stuffed animals.  But to him, they are the coolest things in the world right now.  He has this look of, "I can't believe this is my stuff!"

Every time I walk into his room to get him out of bed, I do the same thing, too.  My eyes are filled with wonder and amazement, thinking "I can't believe this is mine..." 

I hope he knows I'm having those same feelings too...but about him.


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