She Called Me Mom

Yesterday went great.  Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers.  We loosely made plans to get together again when the weather is warmer and the kids can play outside.  J said there is a great park nearby.

As I suspected, there weren't any really emotional moments.  I think both J and I are better at expressing our feelings through letters and emails rather than face to face.  I know I could be assuming that on her part, but that's just my experience from these two visits now.

Levi has a birth-sister who is 3.  She was super excited to see the baby, and it was very endearing that she called him her "baby brother."  I know right now in her little toddler world it doesn't seem strange that her baby brother lives somewhere else.  As time passes, and the two little kiddos grow up, I hope they can become friends and good playmates.  I know J is doing a great job of trying to explain things to Levi's birth-sister.  She was giving Levi lots of hugs, kisses, helped give him a bottle, took lots of pictures with my camera, and read him books.  She said, "My baby brother is my best friend!"

At one point, Levi got fussy, and J was holding him.  She said, "Here, I'll give you back to your mom for a little bit."  It was a bittersweet moment, but I appreciated the affirmation.

Levi's birth-grandma (J's mom) also joined us.  He got so many hugs and kisses yesterday.  This kid is LOVED!

For privacy reasons, I'm not going to put up any pictures of the day, except this one (you can't see any faces, don't worry).  Levi's birth-mom is holding him and his birth-sister is giving him hugs and kisses before we left!  I almost forgot to mention - Levi is a spitting image of his big sister!!  They have identical hair & eyes (color/shape).


  1. Leah's birthmom was pretty quiet during our recent visit. She emailed afterwards to say she was sorry about being so quiet but she had a lot of emotions and things on her mind during the visit. I'll be blogging about it soon.


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