For the Little One...

There are two things I love about moving: redecorating a new place, and all the gems you find while purging/packing/cleaning.   I'd love to share one of those gems I found.  I've never considered myself a fan of writing, but here I am, over two years into blogging, and loving it.  Today I found a journal of poetry I started in 10th grade.  The poems deal mostly with love, love lost, anticipating the man of my dreams, and love for my parents.

The last poem I wrote was dated July 12, 2009, just one week after beginning this blog, about two months into the adoption process, and exactly one year after deciding we wanted to start a family.

So here is my poem about adoption, about Levi, about that love that you feel which you can't yet explain.  Can you even imagine the joy I feel as I realize the fulfillment of these thoughts and wishes is sleeping in a crib five steps down the hall right now?

For the Little One....
by Michelle Suereth

Why do I love you already?
How do I so deeply care?
Why can I almost imagine all the joy we will share?
I can't really tell quite yet...

Right now you are a twinkle,
Nothing but a precious dream.
You are not growing inside me, our blood does not flow as one stream.
So how can I love you already?

The wonder of it all is you!
Where do you come from, where will you go?
Who is protecting you from harm right now as you grow?
There's only one thing I can answer...

Wherever, however you are,
I love you already.


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