These Are A Few of {His} Favorite Things...

In case you've forgotten what it's like to be one, here are the top ten things you currently love, especially if your name is Levi...

1. Eating toddler sized tacos.  Even if there is SPICY Mrs. Dash seasoning on the onions.  You can even hold the taco with two hands.  Daddy says you eat it like a man.
  • 1.1. Lately, if you don't like something I've cooked for you, you will eat it if you WATCH me blend it in the magic bullet.  Otherwise, you spit it out.
2. Climbing up the stairs.  You go nuts when we take the baby gate down, and bolt right up.  About every five steps or so you look back to see if someone is behind you (of course we are) and giggle.

3. Cars, trucks, trains.  You love things that go "vrooom" so much, the other night at dinner you even made your raisins go "vrooom" on your high chair.

4.  Hugging.  Your version of hugging is to lay your head against something.  If someone is holding you, it seems like a legit cuddle/hug.  However, if you are on the floor and you see your cousin, you may or may not hug her by just putting your head on her lap.

5. PBS Kids.  But only for about 10 minutes at a time.

6. A Breeze.  You are so content to be outside, whether playing or in a stroller.  

7.  The toilet.  Unfortunately, the barrier of the the seat has been breached and water has been splashed, and therefore, momma must make sure to always keep the bathroom door shut.

8.  Your toothbrush.  You actually think it is a lollipop.

9.  Lollipops.

10.  Scaring people.  You peek around a corner and say "DA!!!"  If no one is hiding, sometimes you still just say it, and if we jump or react, you erupt in laughter.


  1. I have finally caught up on all the things that having my phone stopped me from seeing...and its so funny that Vana loves spicy tacos too. Even when I try to stop her from eating the spicy foods I have she is insistent until I let her try it, and she almost always loves it! Its either a curse or a blessing that she has her mother's stomach...


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