Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

Levi is all boy.  Here's how I know this.

Up until two weeks ago, we had never given him any kind of car, or anything with wheels for that matter, to play with.  He doesn't have any TV shows.  We don't take him to races (yet) or even point out cars and trucks on the road.

It's not like we were trying to keep these toys and shows away from him, I just didn't think he was old enough to get it and enjoy playing with them. For his birthday, several people gifted him cars, trucks, and even some tractors.

And much to my amazement, as soon as he had that first car in his hand, he said "vrooom," and pushed it on the ground.  In fact, on several occasions, he has pushed one single truck in circles for 45 minutes or more.

How does he know how to do this stuff?  Seriously?  Did he just notice cars while he was riding in his car seat or pick it up from a kid in Sunday School?

And is there anything cuter than a little boy and his car?  Today I gave him a matchbox car that I had stashed away till he was "old enough," and he carried that thing around with him all afternoon like it was his lifeline.

My heart melted.

So, now it's confession time.  When we decided to become parents, I secretly really wanted a daughter.   I thought boys were boring, gross, and rowdy, and girls were sweet, delightful, and fun.  I wanted to do pink princess things, and I hated sports.  But from the second I found out Levi's gender (standing in Ollie's, reading an email from Jen on Jess's phone), Levi has shown me what a joy a son is.

The bond between a mother and a son is something so uniquely special.  He has changed me.  I might still kind of hate sports, but if Levi is involved in them, or just loving them, I'm going to be the best trash-talking-cheerleader-fan in the world.  I never had a match box car in my life, but there's nothing I want to do more than push them around my kitchen with my little boy.

His grandpa going to love going to races together in a couple of years...  I'm just hoping this car love leads to free oil changes someday.


  1. LOL, Matt is all boy too, but his uncles gave him cars, trucks and tractors from the beginning. When he hears my husband's diesel truck he immediately turns to the direction of the noise. He loves sitting in the front yard watching cars go by. And yes, he makes "vroom" noises too. Boys are such a joy!


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