Our First Anniversary

I'd been thinking about it all weekend, but not sure what I wanted to write about the anniversary of the day I became a mom.  As I mulled around some ideas, my thoughts were pleasantly interrupted by an email from  Jen.  She wanted to say "happy anniversary" (how thoughtful!) and shared two poems with me.  One written just over a year ago around the time of Levi's birth, and the other written just today.

Jen is such a talented writer.  As you read, you may notice how sensitive and personal her thoughts are, but because we both love the transparency of open adoption, she gave me permission to share her thoughts with you.

A beautiful family
So promising and new
This is what I have come to think of
Every time I see you

A troubled beginning forgotten
In the light of a better tomorrow
Surrounded by love and opportunity
No room for fear or sorrow

I hope and pray that one day you see
That this truly was no sacrifice
Though it may have hurt to let you go
Their joy, to me, was worth that price

You were no mistake or accident
God blessed us all with your life for this
A family is no longer missing a piece
And you will end every day with a hug and kiss

Some days are still quite hard for me
Sometimes I begin to worry
I wonder if you will come to hate me
Or if your memory of us will be faded and blurry

I pray that as you grow
In both maturity and years
That you will find your place in this world
And this gift you were given will become clear

A little boy with the wonderful fortune
Of not just one family, but two
One the Lord chose to bring you to the earth
And one to experience the delight of raising you

Jen, your openness, bravery, and love never ceases to amaze me.  I always hoped for the most open of adoptions, and prayed to be chosen by someone who I could build a relationship with.  You are the answer to so many prayers.


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