I Love the Number 12: February

As you may or may not remember, this year I am doing a twelve part series on things I love about the number twelve.  Last month was about January 12, the day Herb and I became "we."

Today I'm going to stick with the date theme, and address another great date in history, February 12.  Sure, it's two days before the day of love and ten days after the day of groundhogs, but more importantly, it marks the birth of one very special dude.

Today, Isaac would have turned 27; later this month he'll celebrate his second anniversary of meeting Jesus face to face. A childhood friend of Herb's, they shared a love for music and theology, and later in life swapped hospital stories after Isaac was diagnosed with cancer during college.  Soon after Herb and I moved back to York, the boys got reconnected, and much to my delight, this time around, Isaac had a special girl by his side.

Jess and I quickly bonded over sickly hubbies, being teachers, and a love for crafts.  Isaac and Jess's wedding was one of the happiest and most joyful events I've ever attended; by far the most excitement I've ever felt at any wedding for two people about to start a life together.

Isaac is so missed, but I love how God has been glorified in his life, and in his death.  I love that whenever people talk about Isaac, there is an underlying feeling of hope, followed by a silly story or "Isaacism." I love that Herb's long time buddy introduced me one of the best friends I will ever know.  I love that God is using Jess (and Isaac's) testimony constantly, especially at Girlfriend Getaway.

I love seeing the transformation and healing that Jesus is doing in Jess's life throughout this season.

Jess is my inspiration for strength, she demonstrates what choosing joy really looks like, she has proved time and again that Jesus is enough.  She is praising God in all circumstances and is truly stronger because of it - physically, emotionally, spiritually.

So today, February 12, I will be extra thankful for two people who have impacted me to the core, and the One who brought them into my life.

(Jess has an awesome blog, Get Busy Living.  Stop by and show her some blog love! To read Isaac's story, click here.)


  1. Jess and Isaac's story made me BALL MY EYES OUT! Its sooo amazing how love effects people. It's amazing how God brings people in our lives!


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