Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Anthro (Mug) Inspired Wreath

Oh, so many stereotypical blogger things on that title.  Have you seen this video?

The back story here is that Jess gave me a mug from Anthropology with an S on it.  It was Aqua and Red, and you know I love that color combo.  Then I picked up a few of them for Christmas gifts; one of them being a B for Becker.

I am so in love with these mugs.

Apparently so is Hollywood.  Look, the M mug debuted on ABC last week in the hands of Snow White on Once Upon A Time.  (I also spotted this monogrammed mug on Snow's nightstand a few episodes back.)
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Anyway, as much as I really loved my S mug, and the M that Melody gifted me, the color combo of the B mug was just so striking to me.  Teal and mustard.   A total win.

When craft night with Jess came along, I picked up some mug inspired teal yarn from the Dollar Tree.   Did you know you could get yarn for $1?  I also found a small straw wreath form that I got from Salvation Army for $0.50.

Lucky for me,  Jess had mustard colored startched felt on hand - and so graciously let me hack away at it. I wrapped the straw wreath form in teal yarn  (this step takes forever, by the way). I used the felt to create startched flowers and rosettes, using the tutorials linked below.

My only issue now is the wreath is a bit petite to be hanging on a door.  I'm not sure where to hang it.  Any suggestions?

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  1. I love it! Hmmm, on a cabinet? Have you seen that pin where they use an upside down 3M hook mounted on the inside of the cabinet door?


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