The Anthro (Mug) Inspired Wreath

Oh, so many stereotypical blogger things on that title.  Have you seen this video?

The back story here is that Jess gave me a mug from Anthropology with an S on it.  It was Aqua and Red, and you know I love that color combo.  Then I picked up a few of them for Christmas gifts; one of them being a B for Becker.

I am so in love with these mugs.

Apparently so is Hollywood.  Look, the M mug debuted on ABC last week in the hands of Snow White on Once Upon A Time.  (I also spotted this monogrammed mug on Snow's nightstand a few episodes back.)
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Anyway, as much as I really loved my S mug, and the M that Melody gifted me, the color combo of the B mug was just so striking to me.  Teal and mustard.   A total win.

When craft night with Jess came along, I picked up some mug inspired teal yarn from the Dollar Tree.   Did you know you could get yarn for $1?  I also found a small straw wreath form that I got from Salvation Army for $0.50.

Lucky for me,  Jess had mustard colored startched felt on hand - and so graciously let me hack away at it. I wrapped the straw wreath form in teal yarn  (this step takes forever, by the way). I used the felt to create startched flowers and rosettes, using the tutorials linked below.

My only issue now is the wreath is a bit petite to be hanging on a door.  I'm not sure where to hang it.  Any suggestions?


  1. I love it! Hmmm, on a cabinet? Have you seen that pin where they use an upside down 3M hook mounted on the inside of the cabinet door?


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