Small Patio; Big Love

I am so excited about the additional square footage recently added to our tiny house.  I mentioned the new patio before, but up until yesterday, it was virtually useless to us because we had no outdoor furniture.  If anything, it was becoming outdoor play thing storage, because of course Levi didn't actually play on the patio (he's one; he runs).

I have been hunting for great patio furniture for a while, but had a few things in mind.

1.  It must be affordable as in under $125 for table and chairs.  I was really hoping to find something second hand; my sister in law found a table and six chair at a yard sale for $25 last year.  
2.  It must be sturdy - I didn't want plastic stuff that was going to blow away since our porch is uncovered and pretty open.
3.  It must be on the smaller side - our patio isn't all that big, and again, Levi had a ton of toys already out there. 
4.  It must multitask and be comfortable for lounging and reading and eating a meal. 
5.  Seating for 4-6, preferably 6.  Our kitchen is only big enough for a small pub table.  Therefore, if we have anyone over for dinner, we have to eat on the couch and floor in the living room.  I was really hoping to find a patio set to accommodate us with guests, since we can't do that anywhere else in our house.

Looking for patio furniture for the last few weeks has made me feel like Goldilocks... too big, too small, too expensive, too chinsey...

And the the clouds parted and the angels sang....

The song was called Tullero, from Ikea.  It boasts a wood table, bench, and two chairs.  When I saw it online it was listed at $149, but could only be bought in stores.  Luckily, I had a trip to Pittsburgh planned for this past weekend, and I was really hoping to squeeze an Ikea trip in.

When my SIL Sarah and I got to Ikea on Sunday, there sat my patio set, the first thing you see when you walk up to the door, with a price tag reading $99.  Yup, it was even on sale.  I did the happy dance.

We lugged that 85lb box out to my car and had a nice long date with an Allen wrench last night.  It actually went together really quickly and easily.  As in one episode of Grey's Anatomy and one episode of the Office till it was complete.

The wood is dark and almost has a teak style too it, which I love, but of course since the price tag was so low, the finish isn't nearly as nice as teak.  In fact, I think I may want to re-stain it or put a coat of poly on it every year or so.  But for as thin and light weight as the set is, it feels so sturdy.  Even my doubtful husband was impressed.  I'm also contemplating cushions and pillows -but they feel slightly frivolous to me and the seating is comfy without it.

It seats four as you can tell, but the nice thing is the ends are plenty of room to pop on our two folding chairs for a bigger party.  Best of both worlds.

Speaking of the doubtful husband, we had fun "rearranging" our patio furniture last night and figuring out the best Feng shui for playing, eating, reading, grilling, and chatting.  I hope that we spend lots of time out there after Levi goes to bed.

Of course today was in the 80s and beautiful - Levi and I played outside lots, planted some flowers in pots, and even ate our lunch outside.

Oh, one more thing.

Do you know the trick to making your own potted plant arrangement?  I am only sharing because my mom didn't know this trick, and she knows pretty much everything.

Thrill - a plant that is the center of attention.  Maybe something spiky with height.

Fill - several plants that are inexpensive, low to the soil and just plain old pretty.

Spill - one or two plants that will spill over the side of the pot as they grow

Using that method, I made that potted arrangement for around $6, which is a total steal.

So, thanks to Jess for listening to me go on and on all weekend about patio furniture and Ikea, Sarah for going with me to Ikea and assuring me that this set wasn't too cheap looking, and Joan for posting about her adorable patio, which made me want to get on the ball with mine.  

Who wants to come over for dinner?!  The grill is on!


  1. I love it! What a great patio set!

  2. This may seem to be an odd question, but I have been googling this patio set which I recently got on craigslist and I can't find the directions!! It has been discontinued, so I am scouring the recesses of the internet hoping to find someone who still has them?


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