I Love the Number 12: April

You knew it was coming, right?  Stay with me though - this month is a little bit of a stretch.  January, February, and March all had legit reasons supporting why 12 is my favorite number - special dates and addresses.  Today, let's talk about things that come in twelves.

You know, things that come in twelves are so special they have their own name.

A dozen flowers 

Twelve jurors

A dozen doughnuts 
(chocolate frosted cream filled please)

Twelve hours in a day

Twelve months in the year

A dozen disciples 
(fitting, what with this being the week after Easter and all)

Twelve tribes of Israel 
(one of which our son is named after)

A dozen eggs

Oh, and speaking of a dozen eggs, we had a fantastic Easter.  (Segue much?)

On Friday we met up with all Herb's siblings and their children and tried to get a professional picture of all the little cousins.  It was disastrous.  So disastrous that we almost didn't even purchase the picture.  After the picture taking madness, we had a party of 11 at lunch and I realized that I think our family is too big and awkward to try to go out to eat in this season of life.  Four kids under 5 - it's just too lofty a goal.  I would much rather have a nice dinner at home where the kids can run a muck.

Which is what we did on Saturday. We had a traditional Easter dinner with Herb's family.  Levi ate everything on his plate. Then he sat in his little man chair (which Herb lovingly strapped him to with a belt) like he had the fullest belly in the world.  Just like his daddy.

The kids went for a pretty involved Easter egg hunt and then the grown ups ate the candy.  Levi shouted "Egg!" over and over (see the video version here).

Sunday morning was a mad rush, because of course we overslept.  Luckily, I had already picked out everyone's outfit the night before (yeah, I dress my husband, don't judge).  We had a few minutes for Levi to  look at his first ever Easter basket.  He pulled out one item at a time with an excited squeal.

Our church service was awesome.  The pastor preached a message full of hope and reminded us that the joy of Easter is just the prelude to eternity and Jesus' return.

After church, Levi (and Herb) caught a quick nap and then we headed up to my dad's for another traditional Easter dinner (really though, can you ever have too much ham?).  We got to spend some quality time with my Sesame Street sister, and much to Levi's delight, we did two more egg hunts.

Levi even helped Joelle learn how to do an egg hunt.

This was really probably the happiest Easter we've ever had.  I love our little family of three.  I love watching Levi's eyes be opened to the excitement of holidays and the joys of a large extended family.  I love that he has so many cousins around his age.  We are beyond blessed.

And that is why I love the number 12 this month.


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