I Love the Number 12: March

My little series about the number 12 is really making the year seem to go faster.  To recap - twelve has always been my favorite number, so I am celebrating 2012 by writing about 12 reasons I love the number 12.  January 12 marked the beginning of Herb and Michelle, while February 12 celebrated my late friend Isaac.

(Side note - am I weird for having a favorite number?  Please tell me I'm not alone on this.)

Today is March 12, also known as 3/12, which segues to a little secret - whenever I am playing a guessing game where I have to pick a number above 100, I always pick 312.  That started when I was a tween and won a radio contest by guessing 312 (who knows what the question was).

My Radio Contest Prize Winnings.  Even better - it was a cassette tape, not CD.

So when we had about one week to find a new place to move last fall, I knew this place was the one as soon as I saw the street address...

Actually, thinking back on it, every place Herb and I have lived together has had a 12 in the number...

First we lived at 182 (okay, that's a stretch, there is an 8 in the middle), and then there was 125.

And now, we find ourselves at 312.

312 is not the smallest place we've lived, but it's the most cramped.  Moving from a semi-detatched five bedroom, 1800 square foot townhouse to a two bedroom row home has been less than desirable.  We have the worlds smallest kitchen and no dining room, so therefore, can only seat 3 people, so no dinner guests for us.  We once had a living room, music room, play room, craft room, and office, and now all of those things are one room.  But amidst the tiny quarters, we've been blessed in so many ways.

We are saving lots of money.  (Or should I say not living above our means anymore?)  Our rent is cheaper than our previous mortgage.  Rather than each of us  driving 50-60 round trip miles every day to work, we now both are employed one mile from home.

We have central air (!) and two toilets (!!) for the first time, ever.  The frosting on the cake is the new patio our landlord had built shortly after we moved in - can't wait to break it in this summer.

Wanted: Patio Furniture!!
And even though it's a tiny little cave-esque apartment, I'm pretty sure if you average home sizes around the world, we are probably above average (I heard recently if you make $55,000/year, you are in the richest 5% of the world).

At times, I do find myself somewhat embarrassed of our minuscule pad.  But then I remember that by living smaller and more simply, we are walking in obedience in more ways than one.

Who wants to come visit us at 3-1-2?


  1. I can help you maximize your space!! We downsized from a 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom and if you can believe it our new kitchen is half the size of our old kitchen (which if you remember was SMALL).

    I actually love it because it helps me live with less, and everything I bring into the home is something I actually want there. No more things I don't need :)


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