Levi's New Car

Last night, we bought a car.  We signed several dotted lines and pulled out of the dealership deeper in debt than I'd like to be, but in a vehicle promising not to cost too much in fuel or repairs over the next several years.

Rewind a few hours to me stressing out over this large purchase.  I called my little sister Wendi to vent.  Sometimes the fact that we don't see each other and live far apart totally sucks. But what's nice is that I know I can count on her straight forward, unbiased opinion, and trust that she knows me pretty stinking well, so she knows the right things to say.

As I go over the pros and cons of the purchase, Wendi gently says,

"Michelle, it sounds like you really want the car and it's a good choice, too."

"Yeah, it is."

"And think of it this way - you are probably buying what will be Levi's first car someday."

That sealed the deal.

(I mean, we had already decided to buy the car, but this conversation gave me some strange kind of peace about it.)

As an added bonus, the fire engine redness of our new car reminds me of Levi's nursery. Is it a normal mom thing to find sentiment in the strangest places?

So, bring on the car payments.

Also, bring on the new tenants.  I'm working my butt of cleaning and now we need someone to love our old house as much as we do!


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