When Both Shoes Drop, You Put Them Back On

Levi is obsessed with shoes.  His first real word was shoe.  He loved to get our shoes (we keep them in a basket by the front door) and bring them to us in the living room.  He loves to sit on the bottom step to get his shoes put on and taken off.

Sometimes, if I'm not paying attention to him, he'll bring me two or three shoes and sit at my feet, waiting for me to move my foot into just the right position, and then his slides them over my toes.  "Shoe!" he squeals in a delighted voice.  Then he repeats on the other foot.

Last week, I wrote about both shoes dropping - our car, our house - I was a wreck.

Here we are, 10 days later, with both shoes picked up and slipped on our feet.

The car situation has been rectified (mostly. . . if you know anyone who wants a broken 2005 Ford Escape, holler).

The mess that was our house is now clean enough to have the carpets washed (and they washed almost spotlessly clean).

Our neighbor, Joe, has been a lifesaver by being our resident handy man, trash man, lawn man, and honorary property manager.

We've had help from various family members hauling trash, moving furniture, and fixing big projects.

The scavenger neighbors have taken all the random furniture I set out on the porch.

And finally...

Tonight we signed a one  year lease with new, amazing, friendly, trustworthy tenants!!

I think it was completely the hand of God that orchestrated their family and ours crossing paths.  She is the cousin of a friend of a friend who's husband had to relocate to Pennsylvania from several states away for work, leaving them with only 2 weeks to find a house and move.  Truly, timing could not have worked out any better for either party.

And remember that black and white nursery I poured my heart into?  Well, wouldn't you know, they have some little boys who love race cars and the black and white stripped wall and paint fits in just perfectly with the other decor they already have.

My heart is happy.

It's so good to know that when both shoes drop, there is Someone there to catch them and help me get them back on.


  1. Wow, such amazing news!! Glad to hear things are picking up :)


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