I Love the Number 12 : July

July 12! I have to blog today!

Yeah, I am officially the worst blogger ever.

* * * * * * * * * * 

July 12, 2008 - My friend Sammy married the love of her life, Ricky.  

They have a beautiful home and two adorable fur babies.  Sammy and I met in college and have grown much closer in the last few years.  She is one of the very best listeners I know, and definitely the best pianist.  Happy anniversary, you two!

* * * * * * * * * * 

I told one of my co-workers I was running out of things to write about for my 12 series.  As as joke, I said, "I should just write about donuts."

And now I'm about to lose any blogging dignity I had left and do just that.

Because really, there is a huge feud in my family right now over donuts.  Obviously, we can all agree on the best kind of donut - anything cream filled.  Whether it's glazed cream filled or chocolate iced cream filled.  But that's where the agreements end.

Herb and I prefer Maple Donuts.  My brother is fighting for the goodness of Sadie's donuts - or really anything that's not maple.

We have a blind taste test planned.  Each participant must bring a chocolate covered cream filled donut of their preferred brand, and then one other donut that best exemplifies the said company (I'll be bringing a cream filled donut with maple frosting). 

If I was a good blogger, we would have performed this experiment and I'd have awesome pictures and results to share, but I'm not, so I don't.  

Nope, instead, I'm just telling you about donuts and asking you to share - 

What's your favorite donut?  Are you brand specific?

Please weigh in on this family feud.


  1. Agreed on the cream-filled. I like a healthy alternation between chocolate-covered and powder-sugar-covered, though. And while I do prefer Maple Donuts (Jack tried them once and didn't really like them), our only viable options are Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme. And really, I'm happy with either one. It's rare that I get a craving that can only be satisfied by one and not the other.

    It's sad that I commented about donuts, isn't it?

  2. Next time you are in Lebanon Co... stop at this little place on the corner of Cumberland St called Fresh Donuts.

    You will never look back.


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