When Habits Become Desires

Jocelyn and I have this terrible habit of forcing physical affection on our children.  At every turn, we are saying things like,

"Hold hands!" 

"Give Joelle/Levi a hug!"


Yeah, our kids our kissing cousins.  But they are one. Get over it. :)

This past weekend, we turned our backs for approximately 2 seconds, and in that time, Levi had grabbed Joelle's hand and they sauntered off together.  It was nothing short of adorable.  We were at the park, and of course, everyone stopped to look at these oh-so-independent one year olds, taking on the world together.

"We taught them well," Jocelyn said.  I couldn't agree more.

As we went to our respective cars that night, the kids embraced (again) without much prompting from the mommas.

Last night, er, this morning, Levi started crying.  The sun was still sleeping, and mostly so was I.  I picked him up from the crib, and as I plopped into the rocking chair, willing my eyes to stay open and my arms to stay strong, I heard him mumble something.  I took out his pacifier and said, "What did you say, baby?"


My heart stopped and soared at the same moment.  All the nights of rocking and singing have paid off.  My one year old finds comfort in my voice, finds music soothing, and knows how to ask for just that.


Watching Levi learn to make choices, especially good ones, is bringing me more joy then I knew was possible.  I love seeing him turn into a little person with thoughts and desires.


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