Summer Photo Challenge

I'm definitely slacking in the picture taking arena lately.  When I found this photo challenge on Facebook by Shutterfly, I was kind of excited for the challenge.  And quite frankly, I would really love to win the contest, which is a trip to the Bahamas.  Hahaha.  I'm sure that will happen.

Although, did I ever tell you I won a Game Boy from Captain Crunch cereal in 1992?

Yeah, that original Game Boy was the size of a lap top.

Anyway, if you want to play along, here are the contest categories.  You can upload pictures at the Shutterfly  Facebook page.

Week 1: Americana
(What's more American than baseball?!)

Week 2: The Great Outdoors

Week 3: Water Fun

Week 4: Sports & Activities

Week 5: Parties & Celebrations
{This spot reserved for pictures of my upcoming, gasp, 2 year old's birthday party.}

Anyone have any other inspiring ideas of things to capture on camera this summer?  Or spending way too much time over thinking filters on Instagram?  BTW - you can follow me there: myhopefulfilled


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