Levi is Two!

My baby turned two yesterday.  So I'm thinking I can't call him baby anymore.  Definitely a toddler.  Definitely making his own thoughts and choices (and making them known).  If you want to know how I feel about this birthday, read this loosely transcribed conversation between Herb and I.

Michelle: I like that we have this tradition of taking a picture of us kissing Levi.  If we do it every year on his birthday, won't it be cool to look through them when he's 18?  I'm sure he'll love the kisses then.

Herb:  We'll probably be moving him in to college on his 18th birthday.

Michelle: . . . . sniff

Herb: Are you crying?

Michelle: . . . . yes. [and then I cried. Seriously.]

I'm too overwhelmed with feelings of completion, joy, and exhaustion from the birthday weekend extravaganza to actually write more about it at this point.  But I will!  Coming soon...

In the mean time, please enjoy this birthday montage video.  My goal was reached at the party - several teary eyes.  No, not really the goal, but it definitely makes me happy to know my son has touched so many people's lives!!  If the video doesn't show up below, click here to watch it on vimeo.

Levi Year Two from Michelle Suereth on Vimeo.


  1. i have to remember next year not to sit where i can see jen! She gets me ballin' every time!

  2. ok i totally lied... i cried even without jen around. :-)


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