Settling: Our Bedroom

Last week I wrote about how I need to settle into this house, into this phase of life.  Since then, our house has gotten a series of mini make overs, where I am re-purposing, re-purging, and generally just trying to "make it work."  Of course, things have temporarily gotten worse before they could get better.

Does everyone else's husband roll his eyes when he comes home to find a room rearranged for the third time?

The biggest thorn in my side in this house has been the kitchen.  It's been a little better since I got the new table and since I've been trying to actually stay on top of the dishes.

The second biggest thorn in my side is my bedroom.  The size of our bedroom is truly not bad, but I have gargantuan bedroom furniture (which I love, so don't even ask me to part with it), and a super small closet (especially compared to the closet we had in the old house).

We needed more storage and I needed it to be prettier, homier, more us.  

I stole Levi's dresser/changing table, and even though it doesn't exactly match everything else, I don't care, it works.  It provides the extra storage I needed and frees up some space in his room (watch for more details soon!).

My cupcake server got re-purposed as a pretty jewelry holder, and the lamp that almost caused world war three between Herb and I got a coat of spray paint and a pretty shade.  And finally, I took a nap time to hang some things on the wall that are special to me.

It's certainly not a "retreat" but it's finally less cluttered and I like it better already.  Now I just need to finish up our new duvet cover (with my mom's help).  It's going to look like this:


  1. Can't wait to see the new duvet cover!!

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