I need to settle.
set·tle  (stl)
v. set·tledset·tlingset· To put into order; arrange or fix definitely as desired. 2. To put firmly into a desired position or place; establish. 3. To establish as a resident or residents: 4. To restore calmness or comfort to. 5. To cause to sink, become compact, or come to rest6. To subdue or make orderly7. To establish on a permanent basis; stabilize.
v.intr.1. To discontinue moving and come to rest in one place. 2. To move downward; sink or descend, especially gradually: 5. To reach a decision; determine

Yeah, all of them.  Especially the things I put in bold.

I'm so guilty of looking for what's coming next in our lives.  I've been so focused on big things like where we'll move next, how soon we can buy a house, how we can achieve financial freedom on one income, how/when we can expand our family.  But it has to stop, and the sooner the better.

I need to settle my heart - I need to be content with where we are, when we are, and who we are.  I need to reach this decision and choose to be happy with this situation.

I need to settle for this house - it meets our needs, it is a blessing, even if it's small, and it is so affordable it's not even funny.

I need to settle this house - I need to put it in order, really make it work for us for the long haul, and not just as a temporary fix.

We found what we perceived to be the perfect home - and then found out there's no chance we'll be qualifying for a mortgage we can actually afford anytime soon.  Turns out qualifying for a second mortgage is virtually impossible without 20% down, even with the orginal house being rented.

So I will settle to live here.  I will embrace our tiny square footage and make it work us.  I am begging God to make my heart content with where we are.

In the meantime - I need another round (or five) of purging.  Why do I have so much stuff?!


  1. Amen, sister! I'm preaching this to myself, too. :-) I keep looking at the possibilities of more space, having a garage, or being in a more convenient location and just need to STOP b/c there's no way we can move right now. I've been purging away this week and have been amazed at what I can let go of materially when I know I need the space for people instead of things.


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