Levi's First Movie & Adoption Month

November was National Adoption Month.  For me it's one of those things where I always mean to celebrate it (somehow) but time and intention never intersect.  Luckily, this year Herb was on the ball!

The Adoption Coalition of Lancaster County hosted a free movie night at a local movie theater to celebrate National Adoption Month.  Being that it was, well free, we thought it would be a good opportunity to go to Levi's first big screen movie.

We arrived late, as usual, but the movie hadn't begun.  We got the last two seats in the packed theater. There were two adoption related movies to choose from that night - The Blind Side and Meet The Robinsons.  We chose the Disney cartoon (which we had never seen, and knew nothing about).

It was awesome.

If you've never seen Meet The Robinsons, I definitely recommend it.  It was adorable and there were tears invovled (on my part and Herb's).  In fact, even as we walked out to the car, I felt like I was one deep breath away from the ugly cry.

My only complaint about the movie, and I don't want to give anything away, was the way the main character's birth mom was written off.  He searched for her for the whole movie, but eventually realized that he didn't need her anyway.  While I can appreciate the healing that took place in his life, I wish they would have found a better way to bring closure to that situation.  I guess I need to realize how blessed we are to be involved in an open adoption, and know that everyone is not so lucky.  Either way, that's the only issue I found with the movie.

And Levi?  He sat catatonically for the entire film and loved it.


  1. I'd love to talk about the storyline's choice not to have Louis make closure with Mom some time with you. It would be a great conversation. :)

    And yes, we have the DVD you can borrow it any time. Bring the singing frogs with you, Music Teacher!!!


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