Over the weekend, my friend had a baby!  She is one of the friends I mentioned here - the kind the you reconnect with in an awesome way when you become moms.  Her son is a few months younger than Levi, and now she has a baby girl to add to the mix!

Yesterday, while Levi and Herb napped, I ducked out of the house to go give this new baby a squeeze.  Momma and baby were still in the hospital - the Taj Mahal of birth hospitals around here, from what I understand.  My lady doctor is in part of this building, but this was only the second time I'd ever been to this place to visit a new baby.

Security is pretty tight at the Baby Taj Mahal.  You have to sign in with first and last name and then you get a time stamped badge with a bar code which is programmed to only open the door to the corridor where you are visiting.

I waited in line and received my badge.  I walked down the long hallway towards a locked door.  I scanned my bar code, nothing.  I scanned again.  Beep beep beep.  Still, no door popping open.

I walked all the way back down the hall and told the lady that my bar code didn't work, she said, "I'll open the door for you."  When I approached the door, again, I stood there, waiting for it to automatically open.

"YOU HAVE TO PUSH!" the desk lady shouted for the whole lobby to hear.

As I pushed the door and walked down the hall to meet the new baby, I couldn't help but laugh and cry at the irony of being told to "push" at the Baby Taj Mahal.  That's a first.  And a last.

Yeah, it was kind of sad.

But I'm really glad I could go meet the new baby and visit my friend during this special time.  It was a privilege to get to see her in the hospital in those intimate very new moments.

(I think there's a part two of this coming.)


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