"Cling to each other," she said with tears threatening to breech the barrier of the eyelids which held them in.  "In can all be gone so fast, but you know that already."

"Yeah, we try to keep it real," was all I could say.  But she already knew all that we had endured , much before we became man and wife.

Two weeks ago we lost a friend.  Technically, he was the father of our good friend Brandon (B-Rex), but Rex (his dad) was our friend, too.  He was the kind of guy that dominated a room with his laugh.  Gave a great hug or a word of good advice.  We camped with B-Rex and his family a few years at Creation, and I am so grateful for the time that we got to know Rex and Jan. A few years later, Rex was the Emcee at our wedding.

His funeral was touching.  The span of lives that he had touched was evident at the standing-room-only funeral.  The legacy he lived was described in his well delivered eulogy, touching on the promises he made and committed to as a man of God.

I can't imagine there are many words that are comfort when you lose your husband or father or brother or son so suddenly, so unexpectedly, but I do know of the hope.  I know there is relief and anticipation of meeting Rex again.  There is promise of eternity for this man who loved Jesus with everything that he had.

In the meantime I will take the advice of Jan, Rex's wife - I will treasure the now and the time I have with the man I love.


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