If It Weren't Awesome...

Last week I completed the couch-to-5k training that I started back in March.  Just in time, too - Run or Dye is in less than two weeks.  I feel confident that I'll be able to finish the race without walking any of it.  But, let's not talk about the length of time it takes, okay?

In these final two weeks before the 5K, I'm not sure what to do training - wise.  Do I just keep running 3.1 miles?  Should I run more or less in the days before?  I don't know - I need to do some research.

This afternoon, despite the fact that I usually run in the morning, I took advantage of the cool breeze and the two sleeping gentleman, and headed out to do the route I call "The Manheim 5K."  After the first mile I was dying.  I passed a gentleman on the road.

"Hi," I puffed.

"Have a great run!" He shouted to me with a big smile.

I laughed.

"Well, it sucks so far, so we'll see!"

Now several strides past each other, he turned around and shouted, "If it weren't awesome, you wouldn't be doing it!"

Obviously, I'm PMSing, but then I started crying.  Honestly, I cry when I'm running more than you'd think.  We're not talking the ugly cry, just getting choked up.  This time reveling in God's faithfulness - turns out I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

(My first set of actual running "gear" - the stuff that makes you sweat/wicks away sweat. I love and hate it.)

I was going to end this post here, but I'll share this other funny story that happened today, too.

Last night, Manheim hosted the first annual "Rock and Glow 5K."  I couldn't go, so instead I found out the route and ran in a few weeks ago and adapted it to start and stop at my house instead of the town square.  This is the route I was doing this afternoon.  During my final mile, someone else started talking to me, this time from their driveway.

"Are you retracing the 5k?"  the man asked.

"Actually, I am!  I couldn't make it last night, so I'm doing it on my own."

"That's great! Keep going down this road and then make a right.  You're on the right track!"

"I'm living vicariously," I said, now well past his house.

"And you saved yourself $25!"

We all know how much I love a good bargain.


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