Lavender, Sunshine, and a Cool Breeze

Sometimes lately I feel like a 1950s housewife.

We haven't installed air conditioner window units and rely soley on our windows, ceiling fans, a cool breeze, and the grace of God.  (It's working, only 2 nights have been don't-touch-me-or-breathe sticky.)

We haven't gotten Herb's car inspected (is it worth it? who knows), and are sharing one car. This means I take Herb to work in the morning, I stay home, or I walk to his work to get the car if I need to go somewhere.  Don't worry, work is only a mile away, and tell me I can't use a little extra exercise!

We are knee deep in potty training and after I depleted the last pack of diapers, I declared, "No more buying diapers."  I didn't consider naps and bedtimes though, so I am using solely cloth diapers for that.  I figured if I'm washing 4 outfits of day for Levi anyway, why not throw in an extra 2 cloth diapers a day, too?

Our dryer broke.  Boo!!  It was free, so not a huge financial loss.  I think my dad and hubby can probably fix it, but there are too many other fun things to do with a Saturday morning, am I right?  Amazingly, though, it broke in May, just as the weather was turning from pretty nice to beautiful 90% of the time.  

My only complaint about line drying all my clothing was the stiffness.  Sure, fabric softner would have helped, but I didn't have any, and the whole dryer ordeal happened on an off-grocery week - meaning I didn't plan to go to the grocery store for at least 5 more days, so I needed a solution - and fast!  My clothes were itchy!  And smelled weird!!

Of course, I consulted my life assistant, Pinterest.  She did not let me  down.  I found this recipe, which uses a combination of vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and lavender essential oil.  It is beyond delightful.  My clothes smell awesome and I can't believe how much softer they are.

And now, I sound like a 1950s housewife turned commercial actress.  I'll end here. 

But seriously, try the vinegar-alcohol-lavender stuff.


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