Twenty Nine

Well, that was fast.  Usually I look at the 12 first days of June as MY month.  I celebrate the strawberries that are fresh, the school that's just ended, the upcoming anniversary of my birth.  Sometimes it feels like the entire month is just for me, because after my birthday (June 12), comes our anniversary (June 24).  Aren't I a little self-absorbed?!

Herb whisked me away to the booming metropolis of Lititz on Monday night for an early birthday celebration.  When you both have multiple jobs, it means that sometimes a Monday night date is in order.  Levi had a date, too, with the Strayer girls.

"Mommy, when you left I was crying.  But then Ruby turned me with her bright eyes."  Makes me think of this song.

Herb and I dined at the Tomato Pie Cafe (delicious and  affordable), shopped child free at Goodwill (you seriously don't know what a treat that was), stopped for a night cap at Appalachian Brewing Company (when have we ever just gone out for a beer?!).  It was a low key evening, very laid back, and really, any time spent with the man of my dreams is good for me.

Wednesday, my actual birthday, brought some absolutely gorgeous weather (I really thought it was supposed to rain).  Levi and I took a walk, went to Oregon Dairy Family Farm Days (soooo full, crowded, and busy...NEVER again), ate lunch at Sonic, and got some groceries.

Before I could start dinner, my mom called, asking what my favorite meal of hers is, and showed up a few hours later with ingredients for lasagna and a birthday cake.

When I blew at the candles I made a wish, check back with me in 364 days to see if it came true.  Although, since Levi blew out the candles as much as I did, maybe he took my wish.  In that case, the next year will be filled with firetrucks, racecars, and baseballs.

And because I am who I am, I'll sign of with a song.  This one has been playing on repeat in my head today, and it seems about fitting.

I feel that the love around me has come from another world

I have lost love, I have found love
From the moment you were born
I could see a new beginning, come to me, let me tell you how
How I've lost love, and now I've found love, in a world of broken dreams


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