Inspiration, Pinspiration, and Consulation

Remember my post a few weeks ago when I shared somewhat embarrassing photos of my master bedroom? I have a few things I love, but what I am completely lacking is a direction to go, decorating wise.  And this has ALWAYS been true for our master bedroom.

Then you have Lauren.  She just wrote an entire post about how one photo (from pinterest) is guiding her bedroom decor.  I'm totally jealous.  I wish I could find one photo I love and run with it.  But there's so many problems:

1. I like a ton of photos.
2. I am overwhelmed at the thought of spending money on decorating.
3. I am overwhelmed at the thought of spending money on decorating a room when I'm not even sure what I want.
4.  I don't really know what I want.
5. I'm a renter - so I feel boxed in by a small bedroom, ugly (unchangeable) carpet, and an atrocious ceiling fan.

And then Kim came to the rescue.

Who is Kim?  Why, she's Dustin's wife.... a few months ago at my 10 year class reunion (why I haven't I blogged about that?!), I was introduced to Kim by Dustin, who was one of my classmates.  Kim and I had an instant connection over parenting two year olds, but quickly realized our affinity for blogging, decorating, and all things pinterest.

Then I went home and looked Kim up on facebook and saw that she is LEGIT.  She has a degree in interior design and her own Design Consultation business!

So, you can imagine my excitement, when after posting pictures of our tiny master bedroom, Kim emailed me to offer her services.  In the words of Lauren, it's like God was giving me a great big fuzzy bear hug! And, as if icing on the cake, Kim's specialty is designing on a dime - we'll be freecycling, craigslisting, and using what I have.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Photos via Kimberly Musser Designs

So, stay tuned.  Exciting things happening.  In the mean time, check out Kim's website.  I bet she'd like to create an inspiration for your rooms, too!!


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