Herb is learning to read!

Just kidding...but he has been spending day and night reading our adoption books (which must be done by next week). He keeps telling me things from the book that I don't remember because I read them in July, and then he says, "Didn't you read the book?!" I guess he is a slow reader for comprehension, and I am a fast reader to get it done. We have had some really good conversations as a result of the books, and I think that they are making him even more excited to be a dad!

Why is it that the only books about open adoption were written in the 80's when it first began? Therefore the adopted children they are writing about are usually my age or older!! Maybe someday Herb and I can write an updated adoption book!


  1. What's "open" adoption?

    I am so happy for you and Herb!!!!!

  2. Open adoption means we will have some kind of relationship with the birthmother, and keep her updated on the child as he/she grows.


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