So Incredibly Blessed

Last night some wonderful ladies came over and ROCKED OUT on cleaning our house for the home study on Tuesday. I am mean, this thing is clean. Walls were scrubbed, appliances were scoured, windows were cleaned. I didn't even know the shine that some parts of my house still had in them. It was slightly intimidating - it felt like those Saturday mornings when your mom would make you clean the house, but this time I had like 4 moms and another sister here - but it was SO WORTH IT. Jess pointed out that it is so good to see the body of Christ really surround you and come together in tangible ways.

As much as it feels to have a sparkling clean house, I think what last night showed me is what a wonderful support system we have here in York. Not only are Herb and I blessed with large biological families, but our baby is going to be so loved on by so many people who are not blood relatives to us. And doesn't it feel like that is so fitting for an adoption anyway?

If it takes a village, I know I've already been blessed with a great one.


  1. Sounds like you've done all you can. I'll be thinking of you Tuesday! I'm sure you've gone above and beyond. :-)


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