The Call

I openly admit that even after 6 months of being on "the list," I still FREAK out every time I see a Lancaster phone number that I don't recognize on my caller ID. 

Today, I got a call.  There was a voicemail.  And it was our social worker, "Michelle, could you please call me back ASAP?  I want to talk to you about a possible situation."

THEY NEVER CALL.  Every communication we have with the agency is through email.  Each potential situation, each clarification of expectations, each rejection.  All done through email.  It's really quite efficient.

I knew this had to be important.  I mean REALLY important.  So important that I worked myself into a stomach ache, and threw a video in for my next class just so I could call her back.  Somehow I managed to shoot a quick email off to Herb.

"This could be the day that changes my whole life," I thought as I nervously dialed, standing in hallway, with one foot in the door of the classroom.


Turns out, there is just a new law that they can't email us about out-of-state potential situations like they do for the birthmoms that come into the Lancaster office.

Cue Debbie Downer.  Woop-wah.

So, no, this wasn't THE CALL, but our profile will be being shown again next week, so that's good.  I think that puts us at around 8 showings in 6 months.  Not too bad.



    Seriously, could they NOT have emailed to let you know that? Not an "ASAP" phone message?

  2. LOVE the sound effect! Crossing my fingers for you next week!

  3. guy- do they realize they could be causing heartattacks??

    sorry hopes got a little (or more) dashed.

    but you are right- you're being shown a lot- and even if you were only shown once, if it was to "the" family, it'd work!

  4. good grief, she could have phrased it a little better! lol Switching from emailing to phone calls is not "a possible situation." But they're going to have a possible situation on their hands if they keep causing heart attacks like that! :)

  5. We've been waiting 6 months for 'the call' now too and I totally would've freaked out! Awesome there's another possibility here. I'm praying for God's grace and strength for all waiting families!

  6. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog on the Production Not Reproduction blogroll!

    We are in the homestudy phase of the adoption process.
    Anyway, I just wanted to say hello! And I look forward to following along your journey!


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