The Others

I hate knowing there are so many other families waiting for babies right now, too. I hate that other couples have felt the sting of infertility, and the hopeless feeling that the waiting game can bring.  But, I love the feeling that we are not alone in this. 

God has brought people into our lives who have BEEN THERE.  From a family in our small group to several co-workers.  All these examples of couples who survived the wait, have beautiful stories of adoption, and profess to have a stronger faith because of it.

And then there are the other families I am finding who are currently waiting; the people who know E X A C T L Y where we are right now.  Through the beauty of facebook I have been in touch with two of these other couples, and have been nothing but encouaraged by their thoughts and perspective. 

The other day when our profile was passed over again, I emailed my new friend Kristen, and she wrote back with this:

"Each time we're not picked, I am reminded that God is creating the perfect child for each and every waiting family at Bethany, and so, in this scenario, that must not have been a perfect fit for anyone in Lancaster. I hope I'm making sense. :) In many ways, that reminder provides comfort for me..."

Thank you God, for people who understand and encourage!  And for the perfect fit that each baby is going to be in each waiting family.


  1. It's definitely a strange dynamic. I remember looking through our agency website and when I saw a new family matched I'd get all hyper over it. Why were they picked over us? Are we too young? Are we too boring? Should we change all our pictures?

    It's a terrible game to play with yourself!

    Be patient. Don't give up. Your baby might be in her mother's womb as I type this.


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