Mother's Day

Around a month ago, when I was at a low point, I realized Mother's Day was coming up, and that it could be potentially painful.  And you know what?  Today, it's not.

Today is about my mom.  The woman who wanted ME more than anything else in the world (well, I guess she didn't know what she was getting into!!).  The woman who taught me the value of a good bargain and how to be a good listener.  The woman who taught me the joy of DIY, and has told me around a million times how to make lazy lasagna and cherry delight.  The woman who I can chat with like a best friend about anything, and trust her opinion and wisdom like a mother (wait, that's cause she is!).  It's about her, not me today.

It's also about the woman who gave life to the man that I love.  My shopping partner and IM buddy.  Without her, I would not have an amazing husband, or anyone to sit with in church.  If you ever meet my hubby and wonder how he got to be so awesome, you need to know it was because of his mom.

And finally, it's about the woman who is married to my dad.  The one is showing me that motherly love and covering your children in prayer is not something that comes only to children who are biological (which is important, given our situation!!).

These ladies are both the epitome of "MOM," and someday, I will be happy to make them "NANA."

That being said, I was very blessed by some kind words today from Joan, Jess, Lauren, Bekah, and Mary.  On a day that I was making sure was not about the WAIT, these ladies took a minute to send me a card or a message - reminding me the wait WILL come to an end.  That was really special.  Thanks guys.

So, this one's for you, Mom.  I hope next year you get Mother's Day and Grandparent's Day!!!



  1. It WILL come to an end...
    a glorious, messy, sleep deprivation, wonderful, kissable, end.
    soon....may He be the stability of your times always. now and then.

    "Lord, we pray right now for baby Suereth. you know where he or she is. You see the mother carrying this little one. You see her heart and her fears and we ask YOU to speak comfort and hope to her. Lord we ask for your favor to rest on Herb and Michelle. Right this moment as things are happening we can't see or know you see and you know and we are asking for safety and joy to rule in the Suereth home. Jesus be very tender and speak patience and good gifts into Michelle's heart. thank you for the mothers in Michelle's life that she could celebrate today. We look forward to the day we can celebrate those women as nana. Bless my sister today, Jesus."


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