I Love Us

You know you're a mom when...

you send your kid to get shots on their first Valentine's Day...and actually think twice about doing it.
(Yeah, that's right, he's sitting!!)

you serve your husband a drink in a wine glass for your Valentine's Day dinner...but that drink is fruit punch.

you and your husband enjoy a romantic dinner at home, after the kid goes to bed...and the dinner came out of a crock pot.

even though it's Valentine's Day, one spouse falls asleep before 9pm on the couch while the other does work for the extra job he took to make ends meet...but neither feels regret about it!

you get a card from your 6 month old baby with the "e" written backwards...and it makes you cry.

* * * * * * * *

For Herb's Valentine's Day card, I stole the transcript from this year's Hallmark commercial, for the sheer reason of it made me choke up every time I saw it. 

Valentine's Day is not for saying "I love you."
It's for saying, "I love us."
I love who we are together,
how we've grown -- from our nervous conversations
to the one we two have become.
Valentine's Day is for taking the time to say,
"I love us."

If I were really thinking cleverly, I would have added something about becoming two with a high chair.

I love my two Valentine's...I can't wait to spend many more with the Herbs!!


  1. :) you know you're a mommy on vday when-- good thinkin!

  2. I've said those same words about my family. Isn't it so good to finally be one of three???? :)


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