The Sting

I have been meaning to address the sting for several months now. You know...the sting of infertility.

I still get annoyed when women plan to get pregnant, assume it'll happen right away, and then it actually does. I can be happy for them, but what frustrates me is the assumption that everyone gets pregant so easily.

Oh, and yeah, I still am getting a lot of, "Now that you adopted, you'll get pregnant, too!" comments. Which need to end NOW!!

But for the most part, the pain of infertilty is gone!  All it took was to hold a baby in my hands and call him, "My Son."  Big surprise, no?

Sure, next time around, it's going to be just as difficult to add to our family, but for now what matters is that Levi is here.  The goal has been achieved.  Whether we stay a family of three or become a family of ten, what matters is that we are parents.

What a relief it's been to hear of SO MANY pregnancies, and be truly happy for the new parents-to-be.  The weight is off my shoulders. I didn't realize how much work it was to fake happiness in those situations when I was so incredibly bitter and jealous.


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