Three Men and a Lady

Tonight I had dinner with three men.  At the risk of sounding conceited, I will tell you they are the three men who will love and have loved me unlike anyone else in this world. 

There was the man who brought me into this world and has loved on me since the moment I was created. 
There was the man who committed to love and walk besided me until my last day.
There was the man boy who I've loved for his entire life and have promised to raise up to be awesome, like the first two men I mentioned.
Too much talk of men?  I can't help it.  Love is in the air.

I felt like I had come so full circle.  My dad and Herb talked about music gear like it was going out of style, while my son cuddled in his grandpa's arms wearing a pair of overalls covered in guitars. 
I thought about how lucky I am to have three dudes who care so much about me!  At one point, past or present, I was the center of each of their worlds.  Deep down, the little girl who once longed for approval and acceptance lept with joy, realizing how treasured she has been by someone her entire life.

Of course it got me thinking about how each one of these relationships - father, husband, son - represents some part of my relationship to God.  I am so grateful to have a real life example of God's love.  I know I'm blessed to have a father and a husband who measure their love against that of God's, striving to meet those oh-so-very high standards.  I can only pray that my son will live for that someday, too.
The moral of the story? 

Having a great dad and wonderful husband is more than I ever deserved. 

And Levi?  Well, he's just like finding extra fries at the bottom of the bag when you think you already finished them off. 

My love tank is FULL.

Happy Valentine's Day!!


  1. Auh, That means a lot to me. You summed it up so nicely. Look out Joyce myers, here comes Michelle suerth. Thanks again for sharing you gift card with me. Love you!

  2. awhhhh.. So sweet. You lucky girl.


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