Super Cheap Diapers

I know I talked about doing cloth diapers, and honestly, never got around to buying them.  And here's why...

In case you are pretty savvy online, but somehow still living under a rock when it comes to diaper purchases, I must inform you of Amazon mom.  I'm so excited about this that I actually tried to talk another shopper out of buying diapers at Walmart yesterday.

Here's the deal.  If you sign up for Amazon Mom, you get 30% off their listed price for diapers when you purchase them through "Subscribe and Save."  Then the diapers come two days later (free Amazon prime, baby), and you cancel your "subscription" to the diapers.  The next time you order diapers, do the same thing. 

Additionally, if you subscribe to Parents or American Baby, you can get coupons good for an additional 20% or $10 off your purchase (the coupons are in the magazine).

What does this mean?  Recently, I purchased a box of 156 size 3 diapers for Levi.  The list price was $40, and I know is at least how much they would have been at Target.  Amazon had a coupon for $1 off said Huggies, I used the Subscribe and Save feature, and matched a 20% coupon, and TADA, I got 156 diapers for $15 with free shipping.

If you are still buying diapers at the store, you are throwing your money away!!!

Not to mention, it is super cool to have Amazon Prime free for 6 months.  Anytime I want to buy something, BAM, it's there in 2 days.  Then, everytime you make a purchase over $25, your Amazon Prime is extended for another month.

Finally, when buying wipes, I've heard you should shoot for paying $0.02 for each wipe, but I shoot for $0.01 or less. My SIL just got wipes using Amazon Mom for $0.003 per wipe.  Incredible!!

Happy shopping!


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