And We're Off!!

Off the market that is.  And not in a good way.  After having our house listed for six weeks with absolutely no interest, we're taking it off.  I know six weeks sounds like not too long, but in that six weeks we have had an open house to which nobody showed up, and zero showings. Our realtor is suggesting we drop our price by $10,000, but if we do that, we will be upside down on our mortgage.  Because of adoption expenses, that's just not an option. 

The new plan is to turn our house over to a property management group, pray for an awesome renter, and pray for a cheap rental for ourselves in Lancaster.

Herb said he has always wanted to rent out a property, and he is excited about the prospect of having this current home make money for us.  I am just excited to move so that we stop giving all our hard earned money to Sheetz and Turkey Hill and Sunoco.

It's so hard to know the right thing to do. 

Did I feel a strong calling to quit my job, despite the financial overhaul of our lives it would require? YES! 

Did Herb feel an unquestionable calling into music ministry and *happen* to get offered a job just 4 miles from his current day job in Manheim?  YES! 

(Are the people at the new church incredible?  YES!)

All that being said...why isn't our house selling?  I know God's best for us does not include racking up credit card debt, so we are really learning true thriftiness, which is ironic because I already felt like I was probably the cheapest person in the world.  What really gets me is that every time someone new comes in our house (friends, property management people, etc), the reaction is always a positive, resounding, "Wow!  This is how much?!"

Yet, I am still choosing to not be stressed over it all.  I have had a few moments of minor meltdowns, but when I look into these big brown eyes, those chubby arms reaching up for me, and the little voice that calls, "ma ma ma ma ma ma ma,"  I KNOW God's faithfulness. 


  1. Michelle - I'll continue to pray for you guys. I'm sure this was a big decision for you to take the house off the market & I hope you don't loose $ by doing that (realtor costs). God has a plan & His timing is perfect...and YOU WILL BE AMAZED! just rest & remember how He crafted Levi's was don't expect anything less than that! He has a're just along for the hang on & enjoy it!!! Can't wait to hear what He does.

  2. I would love to hear him say ma ma.


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