You're Nine and Mine

Well, we are certainly moving right along with these monthly birthdays, aren't we?!  Today Levi is nine months old, which means he's been out longer than he was in!  (TMI?)

Okay, so here he was then:

And here he is now:

SO BIG!  And cuter, too.

Okay, so the facts are that he is still in the 85th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference.  He lost two pounds by my calculations, but the doctor said it's fine since he's moving and working out some digestive stuff right now.  Since he is still in a far above average percentile, no worries.

Levi is busy!  He started crawling yesterday, just one day short of 9 months old.  One morning last week he woke up and said, "da da la la ga ga ka ka ya ya," or something like that.  He is exploring his voice and all the different sounds it can make.  His 5th and 6th teeth are about to break through his bottom gum.  He is a champ at sitting and standing in the crib and pulling himself up on things.

Sleeping has been an issue.  Or at least, falling asleep.  Once he's out, he's out for good, but it is consistently taking 30-45 minutes to get him to calm down.  I guess when you can move for the first time, you really want to do so!

He still LOVES his bath time.  Clothing, shoes, and diapers sizes have not really changed this month, but I'm thinking in the next few weeks we will be moving to the next size up.

He seems to be enjoying being around other children.  Except he puts his hands right in their faces.  That is normal okay, unless it's a smaller baby, then I feel bad! 

Wow, this is going fast!  Happy birthday, buggy!


  1. I think the nine-month mark is normal for taking a dive in weight. Carter only gained two ounces from six months to nine months. But he had ear infections the whole time, and had started crawling . . . I think most babies go through that.


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