I Don't Want To Forget

Just to preface, in the next week leading up to Levi's big day and the closing of the chapter called "Our Adoption Adventure,"  I plan to do as much introspective, sappy writing as possible.

You've been warned.

Now, moving on.  From time to time I go back and watch the video we used to tell the world our news of the upcoming arrival of Levi.  It never fails to bring me to tears and to my knees, overcome with gratitude.

I never want to forget this feeling. 

In the Old Testament, there are were times when the Israelites would build altars to God at various places.  God prompted them to do so, because He knows of our oh-so-forgetful mind.  These altars served as reminders to the Israelites of specific times He provided for them, delivered them from capivity, or was just all together faithful.

The video above serves as one of my "altars."  In the wee hours of the night, when my husband and son are snoring away, I sneak into the office, but Michael Buble on repeat, and just watch this video over and over.  The feelings of hope fulfilled mixed with intrepidation overwhelm me.  Watching this video helps me remember to be grateful.  It brings back the feelings of despair that were replaced with joy. 

Remembering what God has done for me in the past is the best way for me to combat worry and fears for the future (such as moving to Lancaster, getting rid of this house, living on one income, future family planning, the loss of Michael Scott...just kidding).

So, do any of you out there in blog world have "grateful triggers?"  Things you do to remind yourself how blessed you are? 


  1. It is so nice to hear about "grateful triggers"! Keep the sappy writing coming :)

  2. Michelle, I have smiled, laughed, and cried a lot reading your blog. I have rejoiced with you and felt the sting of your pain. Thanks for sharing your life via blog with us. Your grateful triggers are such a fantastic reminder for all of us to be thankful for all that God has done for us.

  3. Watching that video at work is dangerous! I had to make great efforts not to go into the "ugly cry" haha.

  4. My grateful triggers include pictures big time-- I have them scroll thru my sidebar on computer and click on them and just relive the "old" days. Also if I were to pop in the first CD we used as lullabies, that would take me right back, too.


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