Too Soon

Little Levi has been having some trouble at bedtime.  He's too excited at the ability to sit up and look around.  Usually we've been going into his room about four times to get him laying down, give him a Nuk again, and quietly sneak out.
It seems like he's finally getting the swing of things, and figuring out how to lay himself back down.

I thought.

Then, VERY EARLY Wednesday morning, around 2 am, I awoke to the biggest screams I've ever heard.  This, coming from the child who has woken me in the middle of the night on fewer times than I can count on one hand.

I bolted into his room to find this...

As Levi got situated back into a cuddly cocoon, I couldn't help but think with a panic that this is all happening to fast.  Wasn't I just longing for a baby?  Didn't we just get this amazing surprise of a son? 

And now he's turning into more of a little boy than a baby!

(I should note that the pictures are from a nap yesterday.  My son does not sleep in jeans.)


  1. He looks a little "nixy" in the top photo.

  2. So the "screams" were just Levi crowing in excitement over his latest accomplishment?

  3. LOL, no, he was screaming because he wanted to sleep and couldn't figure out how to lay down again.

  4. I can't believe I still haven't met this little man! This needs to get fixed, soon!!!

  5. remind me of his age again!!

    those pics of him standing are so cute- love that last one esp :)


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